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Sunday, February 07, 2016

Review of The Rewrite

Last night I rented -- and watched -- The Rewrite.  It stars Hugh Grant and Marissa Tomei. 

It's good to see Marissa Tomei in a movie again.  Hugh Grant basically plays “Hugh Grant”.

The premise is that Hugh Grant's character is a past-his-prime Hollywood screenwriter, who had one big hit about a decade ago, followed by a few flops. He can't get work in Hollywood, so to get some income he has to fill in at a New England university as the “artist in residence”, teaching a one-semester “screenwriting” class. His aim, of course, is to slack off and spend the time writing.

Amusing; entertaining; a few good lines. I laughed, here and there. Enjoyable.

Worth a watch if you generally enjoy Hugh Grant.

My basis for purchasing DVDs (yeah, I still buy the physical medium, if I like the movie enough) is whether there were any scenes that I can see myself re-watching over and over again. For this movie: nope. But a fun movie never the less.




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