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Monday, February 08, 2016

Review of Moneyball

Before Christmas, a co-worker loaned me the DVD of Moneyball, which should appeal to data geeks (it did to me!!!). Somehow I never heard of it when it first came out.

I finally got around to watching it this weekend (sorry for the delay, LB!) -- and, Yep!  I like it!  (She predicted I would.)

It’s based on a true story (2002) about the Oakland Athletics baseball team, who was having a hard time competing against bigger teams with deeper pockets (e.g. they had about 1/3 the budget of the New York Yankees), and thus kept getting out-bid for the hottest players.

Basically, this young intern(?), who was an Econ major from Yale, worked out how to leverage the stats to buy the “undervalued” players in the game – and thus build a winning team of non-flashy players.

Good storytelling. I was compelled – and I’m not even into baseball! :)

I recommend -- as general viewing, for data geeks, and for sports fans.

Some swearing; not any sex or violence that I can recall.




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