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Monday, February 29, 2016

Mom pocket knife

As you possibly know, I collect pocket knives.

When I was most recently in Seattle, my mom gave me her old Girl Scout knife:  it's just been sitting in her jewelry box for the last 30+ years.

I sharpened the blade, and also -- since the "awl" blade was broken off, and thus un-usable -- I had my mom's first initial and maiden name (the period-appropriate surname) engraved on the remaining part of the blade.

As part of my everyday carry (Google "Everyday Carry" or "EDC" for some interesting websites), I carry a pocketknife and a multitool on my belt -- such that I always have a blade long enough to cut an apple in half, and pliers.

(That is:  the knife must be long enough to reach the center of an apple.  So sometimes I have a "regular-size" pocket knife, plus a mini-multitool; and other times I have a small pocket knife, and a "regular-size" multitool.  In both instances, the multitool provides the pliers.)

I rotate through my collection of pocket knives and multitools, such that I carry each tool for at least three months, to impart my "mojo" -- so that when my kids inherit my things, I've actually **used** each of my knives and multitools.  I've been carrying Mom's pocketknife since 8 Feb.  I use it just about every day at work, to cut and core my apples (I usually have 2-3 a day).


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