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Sunday, December 06, 2015

What I prefer

For most of this last week, I was editing and revising a document that a co-worker had drafted, about the best way to measure reoffending (based on our data holdings).  Kind of technical, as you might infer.

It was interesting enough -- and a change of pace from my usual thing, which is writing scripts in Stata to perform analyses, then making tables and graphs to present those results -- and maybe a few sentences to highlight the important patterns.

But on Thursday and Friday, I got to muck around with data (i.e. writing the scripts) -- and that was a lot better!  I was a pig in slop.

That was just a further reinforcement that I don't want to go into management:  in management -- at least around my place -- you write about what other folks do.  As a worker bee, you do it.  :)


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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

That sounds boring

Saw this at the local shopping mall.

It seems like a boring thing to see.

Hopefully, they don't charge for the privilege.