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Thursday, October 08, 2015

Two bachelor tricks

I had forgotten about these, but these came up in a conversation with a co-worker.

Here's three "lifehacks", from back when I was a single guy, living in a two-bedroom apartment with my roommate Old Roomate.

Number 1:  Never make your bed.  There's no point.  As long as the bottom is tucked in, it's more efficient to leave it "open" -- that is, with the top sheets and blankets folded back.  Not only does it air out the bed, but it's faster to go to bed that night:  just jump in!

Number 2:  I used to use one of these -- 
-- as my primary dish.  It was a really big mug for hot chocolate; it was a soup bowl; it was a cereal bowl; and you could cook microwave burritos in it.  Basically, you cook in the same container that you eat out of.  And you can refrigerate leftovers, and then eat them again, also from the same container.  And, since I never had any guests, I didn't need any additional bowls or plates.  Actually, I had a few other bowls and plates -- but I rarely used them.

Number 3:  Put your dirty dishes in the 'fridge or freezer, instead of washing them.  This works better, of course, if you do number two (above), and just have a single dish.  Just give it a bit of a rinse, if you anticipate the next flavor "clashing" with the old flavor (e.g. stew versus cold cereal!), then put the container in the 'fridge so the bacteria doesn't build up like it would if you left it on the counter.  And the new layer of food "flows" across the old layer, like a running brook -- so the surface layer of residual stuff is always getting renewed.


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