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Thursday, October 22, 2015

They taunt me

The day before my shoulder accident, I had the day off, and one of things that I did was check out one of the local pawn shops that I hadn't visited in a while.  And I found two handplanes, each at a very reasonable price.  

You don't usually see handplanes at pawn shops -- and when you do, they're either in poor condition, overpriced, or both.  But these were pretty good.   A few months ago I had decided that I had enough handplanes for now -- but these were sufficiently different from my existing stash that I thought, "Sure".  Plus, I had specific uses for them in mind.

I offered a price that was 20% below the sticker price -- and the clerk shrugged and said okay.  I was fully expecting to negotiate "up" from my lowball offer -- so, hey!   :)

The metal one is a Stanley 4-1/2  It's wider, and therefore heavier, than a usual smoothing plane.  I'm planning to turn it into a scrub plane:  the extra mass will allow it to plow through the rough spots.

The wooden one is just a horned plane:  I have one other of this general type, but with a wider blade.  This one will probably be used as a smoothing plane.

I picked these up because I'm assembling an "away" kit -- so I want certain tools duplicated from my "workbench" kit, so that I don't have to keep swapping back and forth.

Both planes need sharpening, and a little tidying up -- but that's fine.

Of course, now I can't -- because I only have one working arm -- and everything that I need to do for this task requires two arms.  For that matter, using the handplanes really requires two arms.

So, they just sit there, and taunt me and my one-armed-ness.



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