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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Movie review of Waiting for Forever

I tried watching Waiting for Forever, which is a romantic comedy that's a little like a poor-man's Benny & Joon. 

Basically, it's about this guy who had a female best friend when he was ten years old, but then his parents got killed in a train crash so he got sent out of state to live with relatives.  And for the last few years he's kind of stalked her, by living in the same town as her but never actually talking to her.

The acting was... fine.  The dialog was functional, but not witty or engaging.  And I just didn't care:  I kept stopping to do other things. 

Finally I checked, and I had just begun scene 10 out of 24 -- so, about 40% through the movie -- and I realized that I really didn't care how it would end, or what would happen to the characters.  So I turned it off.

This is the first movie in a long, long time that I would simply not recommend.  Sorry, people who made this movie.




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