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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Movie review of Run Lola Run

Still at home still with a broken shoulder.

Watched Run Lola Run for the first time since it first came out.  Still good.

Basically, Lola's boyfriend is a petty criminal that has misplaced 100,000 Deutchmarks that he owes a tough criminal, and he has until noon to get the money back.  Lola hangs up the phone and sprints out of her apartment to try to find the necessary funds.  And then the movie provides several different alternate realities, where minor changes early in her quest have substantial changes later on.

A few touches of the surreal -- especially Lola's ultrasonic scream.  :)

Enjoyable -- although not as exciting as the first time I saw it, since I somewhat remembered how it was going to end. 

The whole thing is in German -- so you gotta be okay with subtitles.

Some violence -- mild, by today's standards -- and moderate swearing (but in German, then written in the subtitles).

Worth seeing twice -- the second time just to fully understand how the changes are interconnected.





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