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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Movie review of The Giant Mechanical Man AKA Love is in the Air

For some reason, the movie that I rented last night is called Love is in the Air in Australia -- but in the U.S. it was called The Giant Mechanical Man.  Huh.  The American title actually makes a lot more sense.

The movie is about two people who are in their early 30s (I think), and are kind of lost.  The guy is a performance artist, where he dresses up in silver paint and walking stilts, and is a giant mechanical man.  The woman just got fired from her temp job.  And they both answer an ad for "various jobs available" at the local zoo.

It's a sweet movie, although rather low-key.  A few good lines.

For a variety of reasons, it spoke to me and where I am at the moment.

As you might know, I collect good quotes.  There's a quote that takes place at a birthday party, and is paraphrased later in the movie:

"It only takes just one person, just one person, to make you feel special, and valid, and like you belong in the world."


"It just takes one person, just one person, to make you feel like you belong -- to make you feel special."

I think the second version is a little punchier.

Some swearing, and implied sex (i.e. they end up in bed, obviously naked under the covers).  No violence that I recall.

It has a sweet ending, which is a happy ending -- so, yay!  :)

You might, or might not, like it.  But I did.


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