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Monday, October 05, 2015

Movie review of Age of Adaline

Last night I watched The Age of Adaline.  It's kind of a fantasy -- except that it's "played straight", beyond the basic premise that a person can live many decades without aging.

A young widow named Adaline is in her late 20s when she gets into a car accident -- and stops aging.  Her daughter thus ends up the same age as her mother -- and then older.  Adaline ends up having to go into hiding and never fall in love, due to the complications of not aging while your partner does.

It's a well-made, enjoyable movie:  some amusing bits, some sweet bits, some sad bits. 

There are some vague sexual references (mostly, they've clearly had sex with each other, but nothing is "shown"), and some occasional swearing.

I really enjoyed it – but because there weren't any “key scenes” that I can see myself watching over and over again, I won't be buying it on DVD.  But it's  totally worth watching.




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