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Sunday, September 06, 2015

Mod your tools

I just finished this mod yesterday.  (The butter knife is just to provide a sense of scale.)

My parents have two kitchen knives that are about the length of paring knives, but with narrower blades.  I've always liked them for coring apples, because the narrower blade allows you to make sharper turns.

About a month ago, I decided that I wanted one for myself, for when I core apples at home.  I had a look at various speciality cooking shops, here in Brisbane (Australia), but couldn't find these.  So I did a bit of a web search, and I think they're "boning knives" -- but because they're a little specialized, I couldn't find any at a price I wanted to pay.

So:  the red-handled and green-handled examples are five dollar paring knives, which I ground down the blades and then sharpened.

They work well. 

Mod your tools.  :)


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