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Saturday, September 05, 2015

Less smelly, anyhow

I'm always on the search for new songs and bands for me to like -- which is a difficult task, actually.  So I sometimes get onto YouTube and type in arbitrary phrases, or type in a band I've heard of (but don't know much about), and then open the various suggestions in the sidebar.

Thus, I was listening to the below song, which is interspersed with various soundbites from teens being interviewed.  And at 1:42, a girl says "I just wish that there's no such thing as farting -- that the world could just be, like, perfect -- and everybody could get along."

And I thought -- Whaaaa???  That's kinda weird.

I played that segment back quite a few times -- and it really does sound like she's saying "farting".

I'm pretty sure she meant "fighting".  Which makes more sense.

But my way is funnier.


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