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Thursday, September 10, 2015

From the ceiling

As I've mentioned, I'm rotating through a series of snapshots of my paternal grandparents' house:  I'm saving them to my PC "desktop".

This one is my late grandfather's workshop.  As we (mostly my dad!) were disassembling the contents of his house, I visited him in assisted living to ask him why he had a roll of toilet paper hanging from the ceiling.  Was it for when he had a runny nose -- e.g. during cold weather?

The answer is that he used it for when he was doing glue-ups:  he used it to wipe up the squeezed-out glue.  By hanging it from the ceiling, it was always handy.

The twists of wire in the ceiling, to the right, was for extension cords:  when he ran extension cords they passed along the ceiling, rather than along the floor (where they'd be a trip hazard).


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