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Friday, August 14, 2015

Review of Project Almanac

So -- I rented and watched the movie Project Almanac.  I liked it.

The notion is that this high school guy who's good at science discovered the components for a simple time machine hidden under the floor of his late father's laboratory.  He and his friends travel a few days back in time. 

At first, things are good.  But then they accidentally make some minor changes, which changes the course of events for the worse.

There's also some romantic elements, in that the time travel endevours actually result in his long-time crush joining his circle of friends.

Some kind of sad bits near the end.  Some (light) discussion about sex and nudity; some cussing.  I don't recall any noteworthy violence.

Most of the time-travel aspects are logically consistent.  For the portions that aren't:  don't ruin a perfectly good movie by nit-picking.

Wikipedia says that it only got mediocre reviews.  But, heck -- **I** liked it.

I recommend watching it.  Although for myself, I'm not going to purchase it:  once was probably enough.




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