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Monday, August 24, 2015

My grandfather the haxxor

I have about twenty snapshots of the interior of my late (paternal) grandfather's house in folder -- and every two weeks I save a new one as my desktop wallpaper.

Yesterday, I installed a photo of his living room -- and realized that he was a hacker.

A "hacker" is someone who's not afraid to modify something, or figure out an innovative solution, in order to serve a pragmatic end.  So being a hacker isn't necessarily destructive; nor does it necessarily have to involve I.T.

In the above photo -- my dad was partway through methodically clearing out the house contents, after my grandfather went into assisted living -- there are a few hacks.  You may have to click the photo to enlarge it.

I'm pretty sure my grandfather made the bookcase next to his brown chair.  The green binder would tend to fall off the end shelf -- so, my grandfather installed a vertical piece of wood as a partial "cap" or bookend, to support the binders and notebooks.

You can also see the extension shelf, of a lighter color wood, which he installed so that he could keep the phone there, plus other items.

And, under the brown recliner, you can see the riser that he installed, so that it was easier for him to get up out of the chair.

For what it's worth:  he also built the small table in front of the brown recliner, which he also sometimes used as a footstool; the picture frames for the two photos; and the lamp behind his chair.  In fact, he built the house -- with the help of his father and his father-in-law.

There are also a few secret hiding places, scattered around the house.  I have a hunch that he took various people into his confidence about them -- such that no single person knows of all of the hiding places.  That's pretty cool.

Anyhow:  my grandfather, the hacker.

I do that, too.


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