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Monday, August 31, 2015

Movie review of The Duff

Watched The Duff this Sunday night (8/30/15):  I'd stumbled across the trailer on YouTube, and it had looked promising.

It's about a high school girl with two attractive, popular female friends, who abruptly discovers that she's their DUFF: Dumb Ugly Fat Friend – basically, the “approachable” one that people use to gain access to the friends.

As with other teen movies, she is “mentored” by a popular male friend (a childhood friend that she's fallen out with over the years) to become more popular, and ends up with a makeover. However, the “makeover” is less extreme than in a lot of the movies, and a least one of the attractive friends is a computer hacker.

The protagonist also gets cyber-bullied -- which is an modern twist.

Way more swearing that was necessary, and some frank sexual references.

Not a genius movie – but I enjoyed it. Worth seeing once, I figure.




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