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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Missing Seattle

Usually I'm perfectly fine about living in Australia -- even though I'd always figured I'd grow old and die somewhere in the Seattle area.

But today at work I took a moment to Google some Native American place names around the Seattle area, to see if my co-workers could pronounce them. 

One of the names was "Tulalip", which is an Indian reservation near Tacoma.  And when I saw the logo (see above), in the Pacific Northwest style of art (totem poles are from the Pacific Northwest -- from Alaska down to (I think) Oregon), I got a bit nostalgic.

As I told my co-worker, I still like Seattle -- but I'll never live there again.  My kids are here -- and once they grow up and get jobs and have kids, I need to stay here, too, if I'm going to see my kids at all.

Even if one of my kids moves to the States -- the others would still be here, around Brisbane.

So, I'm here:  I'm gonna be buried in another country.



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