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Friday, July 24, 2015

Solitary hobbies

I think that hobbies can classified into three broad categories: solitary hobbies; group hobbies; and hobbies that can be either.

For example, solitary hobbies are:

-model boat building
-collecting quotes

Group hobbies are:


And, hobbies that can be either solo or group are:

-visiting the opera, seeing concerts and plays, going to movies
-weightlifting (i.e. you could go with a friend, or by yourself)
-going to sporting events
-recording songs
-playing musical instruments

These aren't exhaustive lists, of course.  But the ones that came to me were either solitary, or "flexible":  not too many were inherently "group".

I found it interesting that all of my major and minor interests were either "solo" or "solo/group" -- which I practice solo.

Specifically woodworking, songwriting, recording, playing music, gardening -- I do 'em by myself.



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