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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Songs about trees

I accidentally wrote two songs about... trees... last week. So maybe one of those will be next in the song-recording queue.

Both songs are about "No one ever talks to the trees" -- but one is directly about the topic, while the other is from the perspective of someone who sees a man walking down the city street and patting each tree.

"The man who talks to the trees" is basically me:  The block that has my office building is planted with trees.  For the last month or so, as I've walked from the train station to my building, I've tended to give a reassuring pat to each tree as I walk past, as well as say some sort of "hello".

However, I figure it's not **quite** OCD, because if I skip a tree I don't bother going back. Also, the last two trees in the series always get neglected, because I always cut right to enter my building: if it was truly OCD, I'd walk to the very end of the block, then double-back to my building.

I reckon.  :)


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