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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dressing like I'm old

During the warmer months, I wear walking shorts, a short-sleeve button-up shirt, and dress shoes.  I wear this to work, and also on errands.

I basically don't wear jeans any more:  because I'm lax about shaving, I figure I need to "dress up" a little, to compensate.

The exception is that if I'm doing yardwork or something in the shed, I'll wear my "shop clothes" to the hardware store, landscape supply store, or the pizza place -- because, eh.

However -- now that it's winter (down under!), I can "play dressup" a bit, without sweating like a monkey.  So, I've been wearing neckties for the last two weeks -- and last week I even wore a suit jacket at work!

I also have four or five hats that are pretty nifty -- but I don't wear them during the summer months (in the summer I wear a broad-brimmed sun hat).  So winter is the time to wear my groovy hats.

The above photo is what I wore on Thursday (June 18th).  My manager said I looked "natty":  I'm pretty sure I've never been called "natty".

And the photo to the left is what I wore today (Sunday; note the subtly different hat).  My outfit was originally just the charcoal-grey shirt and the green sweater -- plus black dress shoes and black slacks.  But, during our errands I ducked into a thrift store and picked up the red tie and the green tweed(?) jacket.  So I wore those around for the rest of the day.

The suit jacket is a little "granddad" -- but I'm OK with that.  I think it makes me look 55 -- although a very well-preserved 55 -- even though I'm in my 40s.

Different people have different modes of dressing.  For myself, I don't wear jeans and sneakers any more:  I felt like I could get away with that in my 20s -- but now I'm "dressing like a grown-up".

Or like a granddad.  Either way.  :)


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