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Friday, June 12, 2015

Beard experiment

About two weeks ago, one of my male colleagues commented that he was only shaving once a week.  The topic eventually turned to how long it would take me to re-grow a beard.  I am empirically-minded, so...

(Click to enlarge, if you like.)

(Blogspot shows the photos as centered in the preview -- but left-justified when it's posted as a blog entry.  Eh.)

Day 0 (6pm; just shaved)

Day 1 (9am)

Day 2 (7am)

Day 4 (8am; whoops! Missed Day 3)

Day 5 (8am)

Day 6 (8am)

Day 7 (noon)

Day 8 (11am)

Day 9 (11am)

Day 10 (9am)

Day 13 (7am; eh -- that's enough)

I had intended to keep the time of day, my shirt color, and the background all consistent throughout each shot -- but that didn't happen.

It's hard to tell from the photos, but "in person" I think that Day 7 was passably "a beard" -- especially if I had shaved my neck, to enhance the contrast.

Special thanks to The Girl for taking all but two of the photos (and thanks to Stan, my co-worker, for the two that were at work).


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