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Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Replacing the tape

I enjoy having available the tools and resources I need; and I hate being unprepared.  Thus, I tend to have an "every-day carry" attitude:  there's a list of things that I **always** have with me.

There are websites that explore this issue, such as this one where people can submit their own EDC kit.  Not surprisingly, a lot of Americans include firearms in their kit.

I basically have two layers of everyday carry:  on my person, and in my work bag. 

My "on my person" kit is basically what's in my pockets and on my belt:  basically a pocket knife, two (small) multitools, a harmonica (of course!), my wallet, a small mirror, a small tape measure, two pens, two guitar picks, and some other things (it's a rather long list).  Oh:  and a hankie.

In my work bag I have "something to read" (typically 2-3 magazines), a flannel shirt (in case I get cold), a floppy hat (in case it's sunny -- or cold), sunscreen, bug repellent, some pens, some bits and pieces of a self-assembled first aid kit, and some other things (again, the list continues).

Well, yesterday (Tuesday), while rushing to catch the train home, after work, I passed a homeless guy who was shuffling along, with the sole of his shoe  flapping with each step:  it was only held on by the glue under the toe-end of his shoe.

I considered stopping and giving him the roll of medical tape from my bag -- but I didn't want to miss my train.  So I kept going.

But, as I kept going, I realized how bad I would feel if I **didn't** stop and help.  So I stopped at the intersection, and rummaged through my bag as I let the crosswalk light turn from "Walk" to "Don't Walk".

And just as he reached the corner, I found it.  I handed him the roll of medical tape, explained that it was for wrapping his shoe so it wouldn't fall apart, and then as I signal turned back to "Walk" I dashed across the street.

And I managed to catch my train.  So, all good.

But!  Now my "kit" was missing tape.  So today (Weds), I went to the cheapy store and picked up an eight-pack of electrical tape.  Four of the rolls went into my "work bag", and the other four will go into my toolbox of electronics supplies.

Electrical tape isn't the same as medical tape, I realize:  but all I really need it for is for short-term binding.  And the price is right:  medical tape is oddly overpriced in Australia (and maybe in the U.S.) -- given what it is.

I considered getting duct tape -- but the rolls are too thick to fit comfortably in my work bag, and I wasn't sure how to cut it into a thinner roll.  So I went with electrical tape.


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