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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Nearly a Mother's Day song

Well -- I was going record a Mother's Day song that The Girl wrote, and that I arranged -- and e-mail the recording to my Mom for Mother's Day.


Originally it was supposed to be a skit that we'd shoot video footage of, and then edit.  At least, that was the plan Saturday night (Australia is 3/4 of a day ahead of the U.S.).

But the morning of Mother's Day (i.e. Sunday, this morning), The Girl decided she'd rather write a song.  Ah.

This was pretty much the first time I'd tried to multitrack record anything since moving to Australia in the early 2000s.  So, it took a little time to cobble together a working signal chain of gear.

And then I had to work out a bassline.  And although I've been practicing more guitar over the last month then previously, I'm not as facile(?) as I once was.  So even once I worked out the bassline, I had a hard time switching between the parts (verse; chorus; bridge; interlude; ending) without screwing up.

Plus, technical difficulties:  getting the software to work the way I wanted it to.

Finally, about 7pm tonight, I called it:  not gonna happen.  Especially since the kids hadn't recorded their parts, it was bedtime for them, and I didn't want to stay up crazy late on a work night.

So, I e-mailed my mom a Happy Mother's Day, anyhow -- and told her that I'd **tried** to record a song.  And she was pleased that we'd thought of her.



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