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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Mod your tools - lawnmower

When you own your own tools -- instead of borrowing them -- you have the flexibility of modifying them to meet your specific needs.

My electric lawnmower broke -- quite possibly because I was subjecting it to heavier tasks than what it was designed for -- so I had to pick up another one.

This one is used, and I picked it up cheap -- so I'll use it the way I need it, rather than "baby" it.

However, sometimes I need to use it to cut moderately high grass.  When I don't have the catcher in, the cut grass piles up under the carriage, and the blade jams.  But if I was to jam the back flap open, the cut grass -- and other debris! -- would shoot out at my lower legs:  not very safe.

My solution was to cut a large hole in the bottom of the catcher.  This means that the grass doesn't accum- ulate  under the carriage, but instead shoots out the back and falls onto the grass.

At the same time, however, the back of the catcher prevents the grass (and debris!) from shooting into my legs.

It seems to work.

Mod your tools, if you need to.


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