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Saturday, May 09, 2015

Female garb

My daughter is in early middle school.  Today we were going out to run some errands, and she was wearing an outfit with a skirt and knee-high boots -- but with only a little bit of a heel.

I gave her some advice, as her father:  "I don't want you wearing anything you can't fight in."

By that I mean:  no super-high heels.  No constrictive dresses or skirts.

Guys' clothing tends to be fairly neutral:  flat, comfortable shoes; some variety of pants.  Whereas female clothing -- especially as they get older -- can let "fashion" override practicality.

I should probably add "...or run in."  But "fight in" is more empowering.

As I've probably mentioned, she and one of her brothers take Tae Kwon Do once a week.  When she turns sixteen, she's going to take a term of Krav Maga with me.  The boys, too, when they're of age.

Taking Krav Maga is like taking an "un- first aid" course:  it teaches you how to not get hurt.


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