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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Two desirable synths

I'm a regular reader of the Sound on Sound recording technology magazine.  I used to read Recording magazine -- but SoS now suits my needs better because it includes live sound as well as recorded sound, and in addition to "recording" gear it also reviews synths and the occasional guitar effects pedal.

In the January 2015 issue, they review the Dave Smith Instruments' "Pro 2" synthesizer.  Sounds promising.  In the "Alternatives" sidebar (p. 106), the reviewer suggests the Moog Sub 37 as being "probably the closest competition".  "The Sub 37 is more imediate and has bucketfuls of that classic Moog sound, while the Pro 2 is much more fleixbile and can be intergreated into an analogue sutdio in ways that the Moog can't.  [...]  I recommend that you win the lottery and buy both."

Will do.

Here's an example of each.

Dave Smith Instruments - Pro 2  (mostly 1:53, 2:33...)

Polyphonic:  can play actual chords.

Moog Sub 37 (esp. 0:24, 0:41,

Paraphonic:  can play two notes at once if you tweak some things; otherwise, just one note at a time.

And possibly one of these:  a Moog Taurus 3 (bass pedal synth).

Or, a Taurus 2:  the sounds aren't as desirable as the Taurus 1 or Taurus 3 -- but at least the "keyboard" has a broader range.


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