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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Mostly better

Well, I had a weird week this week.

Monday I left work a few hours early, for an orthodontics appointment to get my braces tightened.

Tuesday I took the day off:  they boys had an eye appointment in the morning, and it it wasn't worth the commute to work a half day in the afternoon -- so I cashed in some Flex hours. 

It's school vacation, by the way -- so the kids are at home rather than at school.

Tuesday night Boy #1 developed a hearty cough and a fever, so Wednesday I stayed home with a sick kid. 

Luckily, the kids are old enough that they don't need real monitoring -- just an adult to stay home with them -- because I felt a little run-down myself.  I got up in the morning and saw The Lady off, then went back to bed.   And managed -- with occasional interruptions from the kids -- to sleep until 11:45am.

Sleeping until 11:45 is pretty impressive, since my office job means that I'm usually awake around 6:30am.  This means that despite my best efforts, now-a-days I can only "sleep in" until about 8:30am -- then I lie there, awake, until I figure "Eh; may as well get up."

So, clearly I was a bit fatigued.

Thursday, I actually managed to make it to work.  Felt pretty good, though not at my full capacity.  The Lady stayed home with the kids.

At the kids' Tae Kwon Do class in the evening, usually I've been doing a light jog around the school grounds.  This time, though, I didn't feel up to it.  Instead, I did a moderately brisk walk for just under a half hour; lay on my back in the school field and looked up at the stars for about ten minutes (been years since I've done that...); and then played guitar in the car for the remaining half hour.

Really enjoyed playing the guitar.  I really, really should play the guitar more often...

Friday, Boy #1 was still unwell, so it was my turn again.  This time I managed to sleep all the way to 12:30pm -- so, still not completely well.

After I got up, I was feeling mostly good -- so I did some light yardwork.

And, today is Saturday.  Spent the morning indoors, and the afternoon in the shed, hand-slabbing (i.e. sawing) some small logs so that they could season without splitting.  In a few years I'll turn them into a small storage box or jewelery box.


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