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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

His voice brings back memories

I'm not the world's biggest Lemonheads fan -- but back when It's a Shame About Ray came out (1992), I had it on heavy rotation.  I like all the songs -- which, for most albums, isn't true.  And the follow-up, Come On, Feel the Lemonheads (1993) was pretty good as well.

And -- as most music does for (I presume) most people -- The Lemonheads represent a certain time of my life, in Seattle.

But, over the years, the CD drifted to the back of the pile, and I lost touch with it.

But!  Today I somehow wondered "What ever happened to Evan Dando", so I checked the Wikipedia article.  Which showed me that there's a few other albums I need to check out, including Car Button Cloth

As usual, I checked the relevant Wikipedia article to see what the album's "hits" were, and found them on YouTube.

Here's one:

And, as soon as the guitars started strumming, I thought "Yep -- that's a Lemonheads song."  And as soon as the vocals started at 0:32 -- ahhhh, the memories.  I'd never heard the song before -- but the voice; it brings back memories.


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