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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Children's stepstool

My paternal grandfather did a lot of wood- working -- and we are lucky to have a lot of things around the house that he made.

Pictured is a stepstool that he made for me and my sister, when we were little:  I can't remember not having it in the house.  When we were little kids, we had it in the family bathroom, and we used it to get up to the sink to wash our hands and brush our teeth.  My other siblings used it as well.

When we were really small, we would also sometimes use it as a little desk:  you sit on the lower step, and use the top step as the desk top.

And, now I'm a grownup, with children, and it's at my own house, in our master bathroom.  My kids still use it whenever they wash their hands or brush their teeth.

Family history.


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