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Thursday, March 05, 2015

Improving my vocals

In an effort to improve my ability to sing on-pitch, I've recently recorded a few mp3 files of me playing a series of repeating single-notes on the guitar.  I start in the middle of my vocal range and go down a half step until I run out of guitar; then I resume at the middle, but go up until I've maxed out my vocal range.

I've saved a few copies to the mp3 player that's connected to my car radio, and every once in a while one of them comes up on the playlist -- and I sing along:  "Aaaaaaaaa.  AAAAAAAAAA.  AAAAAAAAAAAAA."

One of them came up while I was driving the boys to school this morning.  So I sang along.

After a few minutes, B2 commented "This is a boring song."

It was also my turn to pick the kids up from after-school care.  Another copy of the "vocal practice" mp3 came up.  "Hey!," I said (jokingly).  "It's B2's favorite song!"

The Girl listened for a moment, and then said:  "This is boring."

I can't argue.  ;)



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