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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Going with my interests

This morning was grey, drizzly, and a little windy.  As I sat on our porch, putting on my officeworker shoes, I thought, "I wish I could stay home and just sharpen chisels."

But I went to work instead.

I came home early, as I typically do on Thursdays, to take my kids to their Tae Kwon Do class.  Usually I go for a short jog while they're in class -- which I don't enjoy, but it's good for me. 

But I decided not to.  Instead, before we left home I packed up my sharpening gear and a fistfull of chisels (and two tool totes, to carry everything), and sat on a bench near their class -- and sharpened chisels.

Afterwards, we picked up some fish & chips for dinner.  While waiting for the fish & chips, the kids and I wandered past a shop with a basket full of wise sayings on little clay plaques.  One of them said "Do things that make you happy."

Which I had done.

Because I'm Middle-Aged Guy, and I now know what I enjoy, and what I don't.  :)


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