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Monday, February 16, 2015

Good thing I picked that up

So, on Aug 31, 2010, I picked up a red cricket ball that I found by the side of the road.

I don't play cricket.  But I figured:  "Hey!  Cricket ball."  So I took it home and tossed it in a bucket of miscellaneous balls (tennis, golf, baseball...) in our shed.

Fast forward to now:  mid-Feb, 2015.  My daughter is on the cricket team at school (the only girl; woot!), and wanted a cricket ball so that we could practice batting at home.

"Ah," I told her.  "I believe I have one..."   ;)

Also, I already had two cricket bats -- two different sizes -- in the shed.  Again, I don't play cricket -- but they were on sale, and I've had this idea of (one of these days) making an electric guitar out of a cricket bat.

We did some batting, and I noticed that the dark red didn't make it stand out very well:  it kept getting lost in the ankle-high grass.  So, I painted it pink.

So, you know:  it's nice to have useful things around the place.  As long as you can find them when needed.  Which I typically can.   ;)

(BTW -- Yeah, I wrote the date on it.  It's one of my "things".  :)  Because I like metadata -- and if I don't write the acquisition date -- or completion date -- on things, I won't remember the date.)


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