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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Change of hair

Maybe this is an "end of the year, starting a new year" activity.  And it's also just something I do every three to six months.

And, it's in part a reaction to a comment at my Krav Maga class.  The teacher guessed that I was about 50; I'm actually in my mid-40s.  Oops.

He probably over-estimated because I'm substantially receding, and I have a large patch of grey in my beard.  So when I let my hair get shaggy, it emphasizes my hairline; and when I let my beard grow out, it shows the grey.


As usual, here's a series of photos as I do my half-yearly "trimming back the shrubbery" haircut.

Photo 1:  Full hair, full beard:

Photo 2:  Trimmed the beard; from this view you can see the grey as a halo around the darker area around my mouth:

Photo 3:  Trimmed the hair:

Photo 4:  Trimmed the beard with clippers:

Photo 5:  Actually shaved; probably the first time in half a year: 

So:  comparing photo 1 with photo 5 -- did I lose five years?  Could I pass for 35?  38?  41?  :)




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