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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Very good Saturday

Usually, weekends are my "getting things done around the house" days.

But, I was recently given the final season of How I Met Your Mother on DVD.  So I spent all of Saturday lying in bed with some of my kids while watching the final two-and-a-half disks of the season.  Didn't change out of my pajamas.  Didn't leave the house (except to go out on the porch:  once to help The Lady bring in the groceries; and again to put some recycling in the bin).

My only concessions to productivity were to take the recycling out; empty the dishwasher and put on a new load of dishes; and put on a new load of laundry.  Oh -- and show the boys how to fold laundry:  they occasionally put laundry away for money.

So:  a good day!  :)


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