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Monday, September 02, 2013


Here's another indicator that I have unusual interests -- although, possibly shared by other woodworkers.

I'm helping my daughter (AKA ''The Girl'') making a small wooden box as a gift for my wife (AKA ''The Lady'').  I have a few different sizes of nails, but they were all a little long.

So today I went to the mega hardware store and picked up three sizes -- 20mm x 1.6mm, 25mm x 1.6mm, and 30mm x 2.0mm -- to complement the other size (40mm x 2.0mm) I already have.  I like having a range to choose from, and they only cost about three and a half bucks a box.

I'm guessing that ''normal'' folks don't care about having a range of nails to choose from.

They're flat heads, by the way.  Box nails, I think.


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