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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I do a Sound of Music orangutan

So, I was waiting for the elevator at work, so that I could take my lunch break.  A co-worker, Juliet, was waiting for the elevator at the same time.

I asked her how she was doing, and she said that she had a headache.  I suggested that perhaps if I made her laugh that it would ease her headache:  laughter **is** the best medicine.

We got into the lift, and stood -- as people do -- in the two opposite back corners.  Then I told her to close her eyes, and I made my "wet helicopter" sound, and it made her laugh a bit.  We got to the main floor, and went our separate ways.

After my lunch break, I stopped by her desk to see how her headache was doing.  She said that her headache was gone!  And that it had indeed eased after I made her laugh.  Although it could also have been the painkiller kicking in.

I then mentioned that if the "wet helicopter" sound hadn't worked, I also do a somewhat amusing orangutan impression, which I'd modelled after my dad's.

"Did you say 'A Sound of Music orangutan impression'?", she asked.

"No", I replied.  "But I could do that, if needed."  And I did a quick "The hills are a-live, with the sound of muuu-sic...!!!" whilst aping about.   Just really quickly -- because I was in a workplace.

Ryan, who sits at the desk next to hers, asked if I could do "Evita".  "Well," I replied, "I only know that one song:  'Don't cry for me Argen-tiiii-na...' (ook, ook)".

Medicinal.  Co-worker.




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