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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I do a Sound of Music orangutan

So, I was waiting for the elevator at work, so that I could take my lunch break.  A co-worker, Juliet, was waiting for the elevator at the same time.

I asked her how she was doing, and she said that she had a headache.  I suggested that perhaps if I made her laugh that it would ease her headache:  laughter **is** the best medicine.

We got into the lift, and stood -- as people do -- in the two opposite back corners.  Then I told her to close her eyes, and I made my "wet helicopter" sound, and it made her laugh a bit.  We got to the main floor, and went our separate ways.

After my lunch break, I stopped by her desk to see how her headache was doing.  She said that her headache was gone!  And that it had indeed eased after I made her laugh.  Although it could also have been the painkiller kicking in.

I then mentioned that if the "wet helicopter" sound hadn't worked, I also do a somewhat amusing orangutan impression, which I'd modelled after my dad's.

"Did you say 'A Sound of Music orangutan impression'?", she asked.

"No", I replied.  "But I could do that, if needed."  And I did a quick "The hills are a-live, with the sound of muuu-sic...!!!" whilst aping about.   Just really quickly -- because I was in a workplace.

Ryan, who sits at the desk next to hers, asked if I could do "Evita".  "Well," I replied, "I only know that one song:  'Don't cry for me Argen-tiiii-na...' (ook, ook)".

Medicinal.  Co-worker.



Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Just trying to be a better person

Did my half-yearly haircut.  As usual, had fun along the way with the ''transitional stages''.  Unlike most times, forgot to do the ''Before'' and ''After'' shots.  But I was looking decidedly ''Kenny Rogers''.

Anyhow:  I'm just trying to be a better person.

My name is Gye.


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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Two options for marking your items

If you're an artist, woodworker, or just someone who likes to identify things as yours, here are two options.

Both are suggested by Chris Schwarz, a woodworker who (FWIW) tries to buy from small, independent companies that treat their workers decently. So presumably these companies do the same.

The more economical option is a custom rubber stamp. See his blog entry here. You can submit a logo, drawing, or what-have-you, and they'll make you a rubber stamp.

An alternative is to get a custom metal punch -- with your name, logo, or whatever. See here. This option is more expensive -- the woodworking punch is US$160 -- but presumably it lasts a lifetime. They also have punches optimized for leatherwork, plastic, and others.


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