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Sunday, August 03, 2014

Movie review of Disney's The Kid

Saw “Disney's The Kid” (2000), with Bruce Willis.

There was a Charlie Chaplin movie, I believe, that was called "The Kid" -- so I guess that's why the official title includes "Disney's", for clarification.

Basically, a self-centered, somewhat crabby business guy somehow gets stuck looking after himself as a young boy.

It was an enjoyable movie.  Quite a few amusing bits, and we laughed a few times (several times?  didn't keep track). 

I don't think there was any bad language or other things that little kids shouldn't see.  However, little kids might thing that it starts a little slowly:  my 6yo boy complained that there was too much talking in the first part of the movie – and then he fell asleep.

I had seen it before, years ago – and recently picked it up, used, on DVD. So clearly, I liked it. :)

Worth seeing.




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