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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

The end of the road

The Lady lived in the house across the road from us since she was a baby (her parents still live there); went to live in Seattle for many years (where she met me); then lived where we are now.

So, except for her stay in Seattle, she's lived on this road since she was an infant.  She remembers when it was a gravel road.  She remembers when they paved it.  She remembers when people started using it as a shortcut between two highways, and the raod got kinda busy.

And now, this (photo above; you might have to click to enlarge -- poor photo contrast).  A traffic triangle at the end of the road.  She does not like this -- because it signifies that we are now a "main" road:  busy enough to have a lane separator like this.

We're moderately rural:  here's a view down our road. About half a kilometer in one direction, there's a home with a few cows grazing in their front yard.  Around the corner and down a bit, there's a yard (meadow?  pasture?) with about fifteen sheep.

So, yeah:  change happens.  But that doesen't mean you have to like it.


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