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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Splitter stand

Here's one of the "quickie" projects that I turned to, when I realized that I wasn't going to complete any of my "big" projects during my vacation.  It's a holder for my roofing hammer (or is it a crate hammer?).  I use it to split wood when I need it to be riven -- i.e. split along the grain, which is stronger than if it's cut "not quite with the grain".

This first photo shows the results of a few different sessions.  This was constructed completely out of offcuts from the "Bretz steps" -- the free-standing outdoors steps that (once completed!) will be part of my fitness regimine. I had two large-ish triangular pieces of wood.  I "jointed" their mating surfaces and glued them.  (Wait a day.)

Then I cut them to approximately a rectangular shape:  the wood wasn't quite long enough to span the width (see lower photo), so I had to allow a void at two of the corners.  I also clamped it in place and marked the location for the holes for the mounting screws, and drilled those holes.  One piece was slightly thicker than the other, so I used my scrub plane to reduced its thickness.

Then I constructed a pair of dowels:  I used the crating hammer to split some rough blanks from the offcuts from the original pieces; whittled them down a bit using the pliers-multitools that Old Roommate sent me; and drove them through one of my dowelling plate.  Then I drilled a pair of holes for the correct size, spread some glue, and drove the dowels in.  (Wait a day.)

Then I wiped on some tung oil, and let it dry.  (Wait a day.)

Then, install it.  Here's where it goes, prior to my installing it:

It's right at the end of my workbench that I do most of my work.  And it's adjacent to my doweling gear, which I keep on the top shelf, just to the left of that black tool tote that you see on top of the metal shelves.

And, here's what it looks like, after it's installed.  Note my green lines and the "Room for expansion" note:  I intentionally mounted it to the far right of the board, to allow room for other tools -- as the need occurs.

Note that a long while ago I painted the head of the tool with pink spray paint.  It may look a little sloppy -- but it's a lifesaver when you're working outdoors and you lay your tools down on the ground -- and then can't find them again!

I've painted my pruning saw and my hatchet with pink, as well.  Also a few of my pruning shears.  I've spent too much time searching for tools among fallen dried leaves...

Anyhow, that's one of my "quickie" projects.  :)  Been meaning to do it for a while.


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