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Thursday, June 05, 2014

Tiny living quarters

As I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before, for the last year or two I've become interested in teeny tiny living quarters.  It's probably a reaction to our cluttered house -- which one of these days we'll actually tidy up and pare back on our belongings.

Almost every time I go into a public restroom, I look around and visualize what a person would have to do to revamp it into a dorm room or a studio apartment.  A few months ago I was struck by the idea of turning my office building's elevator into sleeping quarters.  And then I sketched it out in my notebook.

When I retire -- or maybe even before then -- I can see myself building prototypes of "proofs of concept" versions of these things in our backyard.

We could use them as guest houses, or as additional home offices.

Here's somewhat of an example:

Although, the things I build -- at least, my designs thus far -- tend to be single-level.




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