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Monday, June 30, 2014

Slumber party in the car

So, I'm looking after the kids while The Lady is on a business trip.  And a few days ago I decided that it would be fun to have a sleepout in the car (a small-ish SUV).

Doing it in The Lady's car, not mine:  my cargo area is full of things, and I've been driving it around (with the kids in it) running errands.  Whereas The Lady is out of town:  she's not using her car!

Folded the seats down a few days ago.  Then yesterday afternoon and last night, prepped it:  some foam pads to cover the seatbelt buckles; then a yoga mat for where **I'll** be sleeping (I have to sleep diagonally, in order to fit!); then a wool blanket, a comforter, a blanket, and a bedspread -- all for padding.  Then a comforter on top (for warmth -- it's winter Down Under!), plus some extra blankets "just in case".  Also two reading lamps (battery-operated, solar-powered) and a book for bedtime reading.  And four pillows.

Opened the front windows just a crack. At first I was worred about getting water dripping inside the car door, in case it rained -- but then I rememberee that we were under the carport...

At bedtime, brought the kids on out -- turned off the outside house lights, so I used a flashlight.  Used the side door (our pillows were leaning against the rear door), had the kids sit on the edge of the "bed" one by one, and toss their slippers into the laundry basket I had on the front seat.

Locked the doors.  I turned on my reading light.  Settled in.  Read them a bedtime story.  Told them that if they had to use the toilet during the night to wake me, not to leave the car by  themselves.  Looked out the rear window at the stars.  We don't go camping -- so this is as close to "sleeping in a tent" as they're likely to get.

And here's what it looked like this morning:

I'm kneeling in the driver's seat, looking back.  I'd been in the gap between the second and third child, counting from the left.  You can see the green and the blue lamps in the upper right of the photo.

The purple-y comforter was my late (maternal) grandmother's, FWIW.

The kids seemed to enjoy it -- so, it was a success.  Although:  even with sleeping diagonally, there wasn't enough room for me to straighten my legs, so I had to keep my knees bent the entire night -- I had to sleep on my side.  About once an hour (I estimate) I'd wake up with mild pain in my knees (the side ligaments?) and have to roll over to the other side, which eased the pain.  Probably eight to ten times throughout the night.
 So **I** won't be doing this again.  But the kids want to.  I told them that when they're a bit older, they can do it again -- without me.


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At July 01, 2014 1:31 PM, Anonymous Dave'ola said...

What a Dad! We love talking over dinner about your exploits 'down under' and always wish you well!


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