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Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Moby wisdom

From the liner notes of Go -- the very best of Moby (his capitalization, not mine).

"i never expected to have a career in music (it's true. i actually expected to make music in my bedroom, have a day job, and dream about someday having friends who would be willing to listen to the music that i made), and i never expected to sell any records, and i certainly never expected to ever in a million years release a 'best of' cd.  i've had songs that have been played on the radio?  are you kidding?  i'm just a weird bald guy who makes music in his bedroom.  i'm not supposed to sell records or have songs that get played on the radio.  it's very odd to me.  nice, of course, but odd."


"religion can be nice when it compels people to be kind and compassionate and forgiving but not so nice when it compels people to superiority and violence and arrogance and judgementalism"


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