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Friday, February 28, 2014

Very small shacks and houses

For the last month or so -- off and on -- I've been dong YouTube searches for "tiny apartments", "micro apartments", and the like.  This probably indicates that I'm feeling frustrated with the clutter in our lives.

Here's a few that I liked, and wanted to share (and also gather into one place, for future reference).

These are the ones that are free-standing:  houses, shacks, and a houseboat.  I'll do the apartments in tomorrow's entry.

A caboose.  Pretty darned roomy, actually.  You could actually raise a small family in here, if you had to.

Living on a narrowboat on the canals in London.  Seems peaceful.  A little cluttered, though: hard to have any hobbies that need a desk, table, or workbench.

Small rectangular house on wheels.  I liked the full-sized kitchen on this one.  But it seems like your feet would always be cramped when using the desk:  they should've made it a little bit deeper.  The guy showing us around seems personable, too.

Small wooden house on a trailer.  This one is similar to the one above, but I like the design even better -- not sure why.  Maybe it's the closet and the stairs.

Note that the house itself doesn't really get shown until around 1:50.

Small two-story house in the woods.  I can actually see myself living in this one.  It has a fair amount of room -- simple but functional.  Maybe as a summer cottage.  I can also see Guitar Cousin and his wife building it, then retiring to it.

Converted toolshed.  By the same guy as above.  (But where does he cook?)  It doesn't get much simpler than this.

...except for this.  Tiny shack in the woods.  Note that you don't actually see the shack until about 4:10.

On one level, I appreciate the "tiny living" idea.  On the other hand, it would only work for people that do everything on their computer -- or at least have small hobbies.  If you're a video game programmer, or do jewelry making or model airplane building as a hobby, you can probably get by with a little 3 foot by 3 foot working zone.  But if you want to record a drum kit or do woodworking -- well, you probably need a bit more space.

Unless, of course, you rent or own additional space, off-site.


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