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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Saving the earth one banana at a time

For whatever reason, my 25-floor office building doesn't have a recycling program. So whenever I have a can of soft drink, I carry it down to the street during a break and toss it in of the city's recycling bin (which is paired, on the street, with a garbage can).

I realize that saving my cans is a little OCD -- but I figure it's good for the environment, and it doesn't take much extra effort.

A few days ago I took this concern for the environment to the next level:  I have a stash of plastic containers at work.  Whenever I -- or my co-workers! -- have fruit peelings or cores, I take them home.  Most of the things get composted (blue lid); the ones that the chickens like (e.g. apple cores) go to the chickens.

As with recycling, it's good for the environment -- and it doesn't take much extra effort.


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