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Friday, October 18, 2013

Review of Star Trek into Darkness

I know it's come and gone through the theatres -- but The Lady and I rarely see movies on the big screen -- except for ones that are aimed at gradeschoolers.

But, my sister-in-law is a big Star Trek fan, so (of course!) she had Star Trek:  Into Darkness on DVD.

Borrowed it a few days ago, and watched it last night.

Ayep!  Good movie.  Starts off quick.

There are some parallels to Star Trek II:  Wrath of Khan that I'm sure were intentional -- but I thought it was a little cheesy.  Not horribly so -- but right on the cusp of being **too** cheesy.

Umm -- actually, not much to say.  Good popcorn movie.  Worth watching once -- esp. if you're in to Star Trek.  But I'm unlikely to watch it again -- as opposed to some movies like Stranger than Fiction, where I've re-watched several scenes many, many times.


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