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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Composting from work

My environmentalism has reached a new level.

For the last few months I'd been troubled whenever I walked past a waste bin at co-workers' desks and seen apple cores and banana peels.  It seemed like a waste.

So, each day I now bring in two plastic containers.  The smaller one is for apple cores and pieces of tomato -- for the chickens.  The larger one is for orange peels and banana peels -- for the compost.

My co-workers now "donate" their food waste to me, and I take it home every day.  I'm going through a banana phase, so most days I eat 3-5 bananas -- and a co-worker who is a weightlifter eats 3-5 apples a day.  So, between the two of us we're generating a decent volume.

UPDATE:  This has been so successful that I've had to upgrade my sizes:  the "compost" container is now a red plastic cookie "tin", and the "chicken" container is the blue-lidded one in the photo.  

UPDATE #2:  Ah!  I **already** posted a blog entry about this.  Ah well.


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