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Thursday, October 17, 2013

A coworker gave me worms

After wanting one for about eight years, I finally spring for a tumbling composter (Aldi had them on sale).

Even though worms aren't necessary for proper composting, I thought it might help the process.  But the local mega-hardware store wants $28 for 500 worms -- and I don't need 500 worms -- just a handful, and they will grow and multiply.

I sent around an e-mail at work to all the people I chat with, no one had any composting worms for me.  I wanted the hearty, red worms -- not the generic garden earthworms.

But then!  A co-worker who I rarely talk to (and thus, I didn't include in my e-mail) offered me some from her "worm farm" tower.  Brought it in today, and I took 'em home.

Happy little fellers.  They seem contented in their new home.


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