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Monday, July 01, 2013


Yesterday afternoon I saw the movie World War Z with a friend.


It so easily could've been a really, really bad movie.  But quite the opposite:  it was a solid, well-made movie.  I can't say it was always "enjoyable" -- as at one point it was almost too much for me and I (briefly) felt like leaving the theatre.  (If I'd been watching it on DVD I would've left the room and come back another day.)  But because of this, it was completely engrossing.

It's a solid, high-quality movie.  They played it totally straight -- no irony, no winks at the camera.  Solid acting, solid script:   there was **no** point at which **anyone** did something that a reasonable person wouldn't do (e.g.  "Gosh, there's a serial killer loose in our abandoned high school tonight.  I'm gonna
go use the restroom... by myself...").

Loads of action, without being "action just for action's sake"; very plausible treatment (and reaction to) a pandemic; lots of close calls without seeming contrived.

And, now that I think about it:  very little cussing (that I can recall; I could be wrong), and nearly all of the violence was implied (or, sanitized ''action movie violence''), rather than bones crunching, blood spurting violence.

It was not a typical ''zombie'' movie -- it goes beyond that niche -- so I can see it doing **very** well at the box office and capturing the "natural disaster", "thriller/suspense" (somewhat) and "action" markets as well.

It works on many levels.  It's particularly effective if you're a parent of young children -- as one of the sub-plots is the family man being separated from his family, and trying to ensure their safety.

With all that said:  I don't anticipate buying the DVD, let alone renting it ever again.  It was emotionally draining:  I was on the edge of my seat.  Once was enough:  too realistic, too plausible.

Which also indicates that it was very well done.


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