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Monday, July 22, 2013

Job typology

I was sitting in a McDonald's a few days ago, and realized that everything I saw around me -- the pillars, the tables, the t.v. commercial on the flat-screen t.v. -- was designed and built by someone.

It got me thinking about how you could break down jobs into a few categories.  Here's what I came up with:  I don't think you can break it down to any fewer categories; and I don't think I missed anything.  But if you have any suggested modifications, please let me know.

  1. MAKING (growing, designing) -- farmers, artists, film makers, composers, cooks
  2. COLLECTING INFORMATION -- researchers, people who work behind a counter filling in forms, data entry operator
  3. WATCHING (monitoring) -- playground monitors, security workers
  4. REPAIRING -- plumbers, computer repair folks, doctors, counselors)
  5. ORGANIZING (consolidating) -- bookkeepers, managers
  6. SHARING (communicating of information, ideas)-- helpdesks, journalists, stand-up comedians
  7. EXPLAINING -- teachers, counselors
  8. CLEANING -- housekeepers, garbage collectors, groundskeepers
  9. TRANSPORTING -- busdrivers, pilots, truckers, waiters
Some occupations might have elements of more than one task.

Hmm -- need to figure out where to put entertainers (e.g. musicians), and athletes.


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